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Share Your Experience like these fine people did!

 Every day a new success story is written at Center for Alternative Medicine. Unfortunately, all too often these stories of success fall through the cracks and go unheard. Our staff and Doctors would be eternally grateful to our amazing patients if they would share their experiences with the world by clicking on one of the icons under "Share Your Experience" to the right of this page. We thank you for taking the time to help us get the word out on C.A.M. Clinic and our amazing staff!

The following are instances from actual case files.  The cases cited are real.  Only patients first names are used, for privacy purposes.

CASES: (Pace your pointer on the topic of interest and "click.")

  1. Migraine Headaches..."I Had Tried Everything...Or So I Thought!"
  2. Lt. Shoulder And Arm Pain..."I Was Told That Only Surgery Would Help."
  3. Severe Pain in My Left Little Toe..."I Would Have Never Beleived The Problem Was In My Back."
  4. Infant Colic...A Mother At "Wits End!"
  5. Severe Unknown Rash/Sores/Itching On Lower Legs..."For Three Years I Suffered And Saw Many Specialists."
  6. A Ten Year Long Case Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome..."Other Doctors Said To Just Live With It!"
  7. Horrible Rt. Hip Pain, And Down To My Leg..."Nothing Was Helping, Medicines, Therapy, Injections, Nothing!"
  8. Acid Reflux..."I Was Belching Fire All Night, Couldn't Enjoy Food, Even The Medication Wasn't Helping."
  9. Diabetes Worsening, Sugar Out Of Control, Acid Reflux, Weight Gain..."Dr. Mooring Made It All Seem Simple!"
  10. Mid Back Pain, Continued For Three Years..."Finally Someone Told Me What I Needed."

CASE #1-Migraine Headaches: "Diahanna"- I had migraine haedaches for several years.  They seemed to start after I had my first baby, about 8 years ago.  The episodes came about 1-2 times monthly.  I had seen a variey of doctors, who performed various tests...they were all negative.  Usually, I was just perscribed some medicine and pain pills, but they often didn't work or I didn't like the way they made me feel, especially trying to take care of my children and work at the same time.  My boss, at work, convinced me to see his doctor.  I had never seen a chiropractic doctor before, and I just didn't know what my back would have to do with my migraines.  The doctor throughly examined me, asked a lot of questions about my past health and things like what I ate, activities, stress and what other treatment or examinations I had.  After he examined me he said he thought my problem was likely due to a misaligned vertebra in my upper neck.  I really didn't understand that, but he explained it to me and then it kind'a made sense...especially since all my other tests failed to provide an answer.  Once treatment began, the first thing I noticed was that the tension in my neck, which I had felt for years, began to go away.  The doctor showed me some exercises and gave me a few pointers in changing my diet.  As treatment pogressed and the first month passed...no migraine!  Another month passed, and again, no migraine!  Treatment then slowed down to only occasional visit and then a few follow-up visits.  I have now gone over four months and no migraines!  Even the tension in my neck is virtually gone.  I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who has migraine headaches, or any headaches.

CASE #2- Left Shoulder and Arm Pain: "Eric"- My left shoulder and arm had been hurting for about 6 months.  It would ache when I used it much, especially driving, or sleeping on it.  I was told by my family doctor that I needed surgery, but I really didn't want to do that, if I could avoid it.  I had been using pain pills and muscle relaxers and they helped a little, but the pain just kept comming back.  I really didn't know much about chiropractic doctors, but I was willing to try.  A friend suggested I see the doctor at the Center for Alternative Medicine.  He met with me and spent quite a bit of time getting to know me and my shoulder problem.  He examined me, even performed some x-rays.  I had never had x-rays done.  The chiropractic doctor was surprised that my family doctor recommended surgery without x-rays or MRI being performed.  The chiropractic doctor said that my problem did not seem to be comming directly from the shoulder.  That the pain seemed to be comming from a pinched nerve in my neck.  He recommended a treatment plan of alignments to my neck, therapy and exercise in his office, because by then my shoulder was getting weak and it was hard to even pick up a milk carten.  After about the 3rd or 4th visit, most of the pain was gone in my arm.  My shoulder strength came back to normal and after about three months, I feel I am back to normal.  I really came away with a better appreciation of what chiropractic doctors can do.  I didn't need surgery after all!

CASE #3-Severe Pain in My Left Little Toe: "Jose"- My son had been seeing the doctors at the Center for Alternative Medicine, for back pain from a car accident.  He talked me in to seeing the doctor because of a severe pain in my left little toe.  Since I am diabetic, my doctors just thought it was due to that.  I had seen several doctors and a lot of tests, but no one could find the problem.  And the pain was just in my little toe, no where else.  When I saw the doctor, he asked a lot of questions, took a long history of my problems and especially about my diabetes.  He then asked me something that no one else had...he asked if I had any pain in my back.  I told him I had back pain for years, but never severe.  I was then throughly examined and told me that there was a problem in my low back and my left hip area.  He said the muscles and ligaments were extremely tight that my pelvis seemed to be locked up.  The doctor was honest and said he didn't know exactly that this was the cause of my toe pain, but he was willing to work on my back and pelvis to make it align better.  To my  complete surprise, after the 3rd visit, there was no more pain in my toe.  I was treated three more times and the pain in the toe never came back...and my back feels better to!  I had that pain in my toe for almost a year.  I never would have thought the problem was in my back.

CASE #4-A Case of Infant Colic: "Alex"-My baby was just turning 4 months old and he started with really bad colic and spitting up.  It just got worse and worse.  All day and all night...we were all miserable.  The pediatrician had suggested a change of formula but it didn't seem to help much and said he would probably just out grow it.  We had several tests run to make sure there wasn't any blockage or any other problem like that.  Fortunately, all the tests were fine.  I had heard that sometimes massage helped babies with colic, so I tried a massage therapist.  She suggested that I see a chiropractic doctor.  At first, I really didn't understand that at all.  But she explained that sometimes babies can get a misalignment in their upper neck bones, during birth, and that could be the problem.  I knew of a chiropractic doctor my family had used, so I gave it a try.  I contacted the Center for Alternative Medicine and had Alex examined, and found that he had a really tender spot in his right upper neck.  I didn't even know it was there, but every time the doctor lightly touched it, Alex began to fuss and cry.   The doctor explained how, during birth, sometimes the neck gets twisted and can cause a misalignment of the babies neck.  He explained that this could be the cause of Alex's problem, but that his formula and solid foods could also be a problem...he even said that what I ate could be the problem.  So, the doctor suggested treating Alex with a little insturment, I called it the thumper, but it was really a gentle tool to help re-align the bones of Alex's neck.  I was advised some diet and formula changes...for ME and the baby.  That night, after the first treatment, Alex slept almost all night.  Now, two more months have passed, and the colic is really not a problem any more.  Alex does get fussy sometimes so we just have him checked and sure enough, that little spot in his neck is sore again and the doctor just uses his little thumper again.  One time the doctor even assured me that Alex was actually OK...he was just cutting his first teeth.  Within a couple of days...there they were.  I really didn't know that chiropractic doctors knew that much about babies.

CASE #5-Severe Itching and Open Sores on the Lower Legs and Feet: "Harry"-I have used the services of the Center for Alternative Medicine over many years for a variety of neck, headache and back pain problems and injuries.  But a couple of years ago, I mentioned to him a problem I was having with severe itching of my legs and feet.  I also had dozens of small open sores all over my legs and ankles, sort of like small burns or blisters.  I told the doctor that I had seen several medical specialists, and even tried various medications.  Nothing was very effective.  The itching was most severe at night and I would scratch so much I couldn't sleep and I would cause bleeding.  I never dreamed that chiropractic doctors could help that kind of problem.  He looked at my legs and immediately told me that I had an immune system problem.  That is exactly what my medical doctors had said, but they just couldn't help.  I was advised to use natural medicines which would work with my immune system.  He took me off some foods, which he said might stress my immune system.  Within 30 days, most of the sores were either gone or greatly improved.  The itching was almost gone, and I was able to sleep again.  I suffered from this for almost three years.  Now, almost four years later, I have not suffered a relapse and only have mild occasional itching, mostly when I fail to follow the CAM Center doctors advice.

CASE #6-A Case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: "Carolyn"-I have been seen several times over the years for typical neck and arm pain, which I have occasionally suffered from for about 20 years.  I had not been seen for several years, when the same problem returned, mostly from some old arthritis in my neck.  During one of my visits, I mentioned in passing that I wished someone could help with my irritable bowel and acid reflux.  To my surprise, the doctor said he might be able to help.  I knew that he had received advanced training in natural medicine but I just did not know how he might be able to help.  I explained that I had this problem for nearly 15 years.  That the IBS kept me from traveling and enjoying a lot of the social things I liked.  It also just "drained" me, and it was embarassing.  Plus, I had gained about 30 pounds and I hated it, especially with all the gas and bloating, as well as the indegestion.  The CAM Center staff performed several dietary and lifestyle surveys on me, counsiled me and came up with a diet and nutritional plan.  The doctor even performed a laboratory test, which showed I was having a problem with some foods.  What he told me to do was almost exactly opposite to what I had been told before.  I admit, I was a bit skeptical.  The first thing I noticed was that my "acid reflux" went totally away.  Then the IBS symptoms calmed down and I began eating a lot of the foods I couldn't eat for years.  My weight went down by 26 lbs.  CAM Center staff and doctor further counsiled me on how I sould manage my diet in the future.  I know I will never be "cured," and I will always have to watch my diet, but I have literally been given a new lease on life.  I thought I would just have to suffer forever.  Now I travel, and do things with freinds and family that I have not been able to do in years.

CASE #7-Horrible Hip Pain, Going Down My Leg...Nothing Was Helping!- "Marge"-I had been having terrible pain in my right hip/butock, which would go down my leg and calf.  This was going on for about 6 months.  I saw my regular chiropractic doctor and he helped a little.  Then I saw my medical doctor.  He sent me for injections in my spine and hip.  Those helped a little also, but the pain continued, especially any time I would sit or lay on that side.  I was about to give up when a friend of mine suggested I see the doctors at the Center  for Alternative Medicine.  My friend had a similar problem, and they were able to help.  I was just about willing to try anything.  When I phoned the CAM Center office, the receptionist told me that one of the doctors would first consult with me, and that this would be "no charge," because they first wanted to find out if they thought he could help me.  When I explained what was wrong, I was asked about my problem and what other doctors had and had not done.  The doctor explained that he thought that the other doctors had missed the problem, thinking it was something else.  I was then examined and told that my problem was some sort of muscle irritation in my hip, and not my spine at all.  He applied some gentle treatment to release the muscle, he did work on my spine to make sure it was in alignment, and really encouraged me to perform specific esercises, which I had not been shown before, and were designed to release my hip ligaments and muscles.  The relief was almost immediate.  I was able to sleep on that side again, and sitting was no longer a problem. The CAM Center staff and doctor really impressed on me the need to keep stretching those muscles and ligaments...and they were right.  Any time it bothers me again, I just do those simple exercises and I get immediate relief.

CASE #8-Acid Reflux..."Belching Fire!"-"Linda" I told the CAM Center staff that I would gladely tell my story and hope it can help someone else.  I had been suffering from severe "indigestion," now called "acid reflux" for about five years.  I had numerous tests, including scopes to look in my stomach, hydrocloric acid tests and ultrasounds.  The only relief I got was from taking medicines such as Prylosec.  But even then, sometimes, I would still have the problem, plus I was worried about side effects and the long term use on my ability to absorb calcium.  The staff agreed to perform a nutritional analysis on me.  After several hours of face to face discussions, and some forms to fill out, the doctor said he thought my problem was a lack of proper levels of digestive enzymes, mostly because I was over 50 years old and that my diet was too high in sugary foods.  They re-designed my diet, educated me on proper food choices, and turned me on to healthy and fun foods...yes and even desserts, and advised me to take digestive enzymes.  I had never heard of digestive enzymes.  It took about a week, but I slowly noticed improvement.  Once my stomach healed, I was able to go off the Prylosec medicine and once again enjoy foods with out "belching fire."

CASE #9-Diabetes, Out of Control, Acid Reflux, Weight Gain- "Elvira" About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with "adult onset diabetes."  From that time on I had a problem with my blood sugar, acid reflux, and I was gaining weight.  The medicine I was taking helped some, with the sugar, but it was never in the "good range."  I was always tired, and depressed over what was happening to me.  I had heard that the Center for Alternative Medicine worked with people like me.  When I first talked to them, they said they would need to pull my blood reports from my other doctor, and the hospitals, and review my situation.  When we met with again, they told me that my biggest problem was that I was on the wrong diet.  I told him that I was eating how I had been told, but admitted I cheated a lot...mostly because I had cravings and I would get hungry.  The doctor took the time to explaine a lot about how my body worked, and what different foods did.  He taught me how to read food lables and how to select my foods.  He told me the first thing I would notice would be an improvemet in the acid reflux...I didn't believe him.  But he was right.  Within about a week, the indigestion got better.  My blood sugar began to drop, my energy went up and I was sleeping much better.  The doctor showed me how simple sugars and refined carbohydrates were overloading my bodies ability to handel the excess sugar.  These were sugar sources that I didn't even know about.  He further, showed me how my body needed good fats and good proteins, along with the better complex carbohydrates and where these came from.  He also told me that the heavy coffee drinking I was doing was also a problem, not just for my reflux, but for my sugar AND for my weight (for which I had tried many diets).  At this time, I am now off all my diabetes medicine (with my medical doctors approval...Dr. Mooring insisted I check with him), I have no more acid reflux (unless I eat the wrong thing), AND I have lost 28 lbs, and kept it off for the past two years.

CASE #10-Mid Back Pain, Finally Someone Told Me What to Do!- "Theresa" I was sent to see the doctors at the Center for Alternative Medicine by one of the emergency room doctors, at a local hospital.  I had gone to  the ER for thiird time in three years, with severe pain in my mid back, and sometimes radiating into my chest.  Each time I thought I was having a heart attack, but I wasn't.  I had all sorts of tests of my heart, but everything was OK.  They did find that I had a bulged disk in my neck, but the CAM Center doctor said that was not the only thing causing my problem.  After reviewing my records from the hospital, the CAM Center doctor said he thought I had a gallbladder problem.  I was a bit surprised, because neither the hospital nor my medical doctor ever said anything about that...but what the doctor said made sense.  Plus, my gallbladder had never been checked.  I was sent me back to my medical doctor and requested that I have my abdomen checked, including ultrasound tests.  My medical doctor, didn't  think it was my gall bladder but he agreed to order some tests on my stomach, but not my gallbladder.  All the tests were negative...but the CAM Center doctor was insistant that the gall bladder be checked.  As time passed I was becomming more sick.  I had increasing nausea, loss of appitite and more pain in my chest and mid back.  I was then sent me back to my medial doctor and, again, requested a gall bladder test.  The test was performed and showed that my gall baldder was inflammed and full of stones.  They scheduled an immediate surgery to remove it.  I don't know how the doctor at the CAM Center knew, but he was right.

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