If you need relief from your pain, you need chiropractic. Center for Alternative Medicine’s team of chiropractic professionals are here to help plan (and execute) your recovery.

Car accidents leave countless scars behind, financially, physically, even emotionally. Let Center for Alternative Medicine walk with you through your healing. From whiplash treatment to corrective chiropractic, we’re here to help.



Almost all chronic pain stems from an issue with posture - which can worsen with chronic pain, which worsens the pain, which worsens the posture. It’s a terrible cycle that far too few of us break, but we’ve got the solutions to make a change!

Chiropractic care can help resolve a wide variety of ailments - these are some of the most common reasons our patients have sought out treatment.

• Various Strains & Sprains
• Tendonitis & Arthritis
• Sciatica & Misalignment of the Spine
• Spinal Degeneration & Spinal Stenosis


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