Chronic Pain

Our FX 635 Laser treatment for chronic pain is an opioid-free alternative to treating lower back pain. This laser therapy is a medical breakthrough with life-altering results and no harmful side-effects. Best of all? Choosing the FX 635 comes with no potential for all-too-common opioid addiction. 

Enter: Erchonia’s FX 635 Laser. This is the first and only laser designed to relieve chronic lower back pain, which can feel inescapable and exhausting. Not to mention, the FX 635 is FDA-market cleared and proven to work without invasive surgery or a prescription for addictive opioids.

With just a 20-minute treatment, our patients can see up to a 58% reduction in chronic pain. Schedule your consultation for the FX 635 Laser today.


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The Benefits

These are only a few of the reasons we’re so proud to offer Erchonia’s FX 635 Laser. To learn more about all of the other benefits of this treatment, reach out today.

- The treatment helps you return to an active lifestyle, allowing you to strengthen your core muscles and can prevent further injury and pain.
- Unlike surgery, this treatment provides relief that you can feel instantly, saving you from the lengthy, painful recovery that comes after an operation.
- Prescription painkillers not only lead to harmful side effects on your organs, but also can’t target the point of pain, while the FX 635 specifically targets and treats the pain.