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We are so glad that you are considering the Center for Alternative Medicine, PLLC as your Pueblo chiropractic center. Our goal is to provide you and your family with inclusive chiropractic care. Using chiropractic services, we can help you reduce pain naturally while treating injuries and illnesses. Learn more about what you can expect when choosing our chiropractor in Pueblo, CO.

Feel Better

Chiropractic Drug Relief

We use chiropractic care including spinal adjustments and acupuncture to provide all-natural pain relief. Replacing the need for prescription painkillers and exploratory surgeries to resolve your pain.

Local Help

Acupuncture in Pueblo

Here at the Center for Alternative Medicine, PLLC we utilize this treatment for a variety of ailments. Using gentle acupuncture therapy, we are able to help resolve nerve conditions, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and lethargy.

Relax Again

Spinal Decompression

We use spinal decompression to reduce the pressure surrounding the spinal column. If you have swollen or misaligned vertebrae, this gives your chiropractor in Pueblo the opportunity to realign or reduce pressure on the discs. Often you can experience back and neck pain relief in just one visit.

Chiropractic Drug Relief

We place an emphasis on quality of care over the quantity of care we provide. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, there is a good chance we can help you with any combination of non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment modalities:

Automotive Injuries
Back and Neck Pain
Back and Neck Stiffness
Carpal Tunnel
Chronic Pain
Digestive Problems
Disc Problems
Food Sensitivities
Hormone Imbalance
Joint Conditions
Loss of Sleep
Muscle Ache
Muscle Spasms
Peripheral Neuropathy
Rotator Cuff Injury
Skin Conditions
Weight Gain


Nicole Hughbanks

...I have no more pain and have full range of motion. I feel he [Dr. Davis] is out to help people and not out to make money... I would HIGHLY recommend him and his practice.

Brandon Morris

Thank you so much for getting me back in action!!! Highly recommend.

Janessa Lebow

Always professional & kind, Dr. Davis is hands down the best chiropractor I have been to in my life. Never any pressure to reschedule and obviously knows what he is doing. The staff is always helpful & kind as well. I won't go anywhere else!

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